29 Nov

If you are among those gamers who prefer to play the war games, then the World of Tanks is the game that you must try. This war game is designed and announced by the Belarusian gaming company named as Wargaming. Since the announcement this game has started to collect a great recognition from the players. In this game, player Vs player like system is followed. Every player will be assigned with a fully equipped and armored vehicle or tank. It’s the WoT referral programming 2.0 is also announced and this program comprises of six different stages. In order to accomplish every stage, it’s the recruits and the commander need to work in a combined manner so that 250 referral-points can be collected. This can be done when you accomplish special missions while attending random battles. 

                               Wot Referral Programming 2.0

  • Collect maximum referral points

 During the total six stages of this referral program, you need to collect 1, 500 referral-points. These referral points are collected due to some actions that are performed during the battle. There are also some conditions that must be followed to earn these referral points such as creating damage, assisting to create the damage, victory which is only available for the recruits, receiving awards through the selected list, and causing some kind of damage while playing for the platoon that is formed by the recruits and commander. 

  • Earn rewards and points

 In World of Tanks, WoT personal missions 2.0 are something that allows you to take part in the combat operations where you can earn rewards and points while dealing with certain damages, by destroying the enemy tanks and by achieving the objectives.

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